KANETORA VIETNAM JOINT STOCK COMPANY - KANETORA VIETNAM JOINT STOCK COMPANY specialized in supplying plastic, plastic beads, polypropylene thread, kraft paper, etc. Phone number: +84 (0) 24 7303 3998; Email: info@kanetora.vn

With modern equipment, along with professional production management, skilled technical team, Kanetora company brings high quality products, guaranteed delivery schedule, and reasonable prices to meet different requirements and needs of customers.
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Modern factory system and machine. High production capacity.
Closed production process Automation. Ensuring labor safety.
Closed quality control process. Modern clean room system. Testing based on international standards.
Kanetora Vietnam has dynamic, enthusiastic, highly qualified and dedicated employees. Skill worker.
Hotline: 024 7303 3998 Hotline: 024 7303 3998