What is PP thread? What is PP thread used for?


In the textile industry, there are many different types of sewing thread used to serve different purposes: Clothes thread, footwear thread, packaging thread,… Each type has different qualities. And PP thread does, too. PP thread is used to sew PP packaging. PP thread has distinct and unique properties. Let’s find out with Kanetora Viet Nam: What is PP thread? What is PP thread used for?


What is PP thread?


Firstly, we research: What is thread? Thread is a kind of yarn with flexibility, can be easily bended or stretched. This is an important auxiliary material to connect the pieces of cloth together, or to connect the packaging sheets together,..

Each type of sewing thread will have diffirent size, the size of sewing thread is dependent on the purpose and request of customer.


What is PP thread used for?

PP thread is used in the fields: Agriculture, Industry,... to connect the packaging sheets, for example: Rice packaging, fertilizer packaging,...or some other finished products in the industry.

PP thread have many diffirent colors, enabling the customers to use them to mark products. The color of sewing thread will usually have the same color as the product. In some cases, at the request of customer, they have prominent colors to differentiate and highlight the product.

In general, PP thread has standard tracion to guarantee that during the product shipping process, the product is not broken or suffer from similar incidents.

This type of thread can be used for many diffirent types of sewing machines and needles, therefore it is very convenient for customers. They are easy to preserve in the normal temperature and environment, therefore customers don’t need to worry about preservation.


Where to buy PP thread?


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