A Company focuses intensively on Business and Trading Services such as Plastic, Chemical, Packaging, Yarns, Belts,... In the implementation of development strategy, Kanetora Vietnam JSC prefers to develop human resources than others that one of the important elements for a success company.

Kanetora’s Personnel Policy is executed in order to take staffs to become a competitive advantage of the Company shown synchronously in recruitment and selection policy, training-development, salary-bonus –welfare, treatment regimes, work environment and corporate culture development aims to recruit the best possible candidate for the job, attract talents, create the best conditions for officials and staffs to work and develop their career and work with the Company for longer time.


  • Recruitment and Selection Policy must be met to goals and requirements of the Company’s long-term and short-term operational development strategies and being deployed at specific time step by step and according to annual plan.
  • Recruited staffs is not only to be met the current requirements for job, but also a factor for development in the future.
  • The Company has separated criteria and standards for each position, title and job related with the recruitment and suitable with the operational fields that carried out in accordance with the recruitment process of the company.


  • Kanetora Vietnam commits to distributing reasonably the jobs, ensure that the implementation is in accordance with the slogan “right people, right jobs”, create opportunities for staffs to work as to be a suitable, fair and equitable environment based on abilities and powers of staffs on the all aspects, such as recruitment, training- development, advancement opportunities, salary – bonus – welfare and other treatment regimes.


  • Every year, the Company builds a training plan and allocates sufficient resources for training and development policy to our staffs, develops next generation:

+   Any position, title and job of the all industries need to trained and developed are owned training standards and complied with the training process of the company.

+ After signing Term Labor Contracts with the Company, the staffs are entitled to attend short-term and medium-term professional training courses under annual or irregular training plan at the urgent needs of the unit.


  • Company has advocated of building a competitive salary system, in accordance with the relations between wage and salary in the market, to ensure enough incentives to increase labor productivity higher and higher; retain and attract well and talent people.
  • At the Company, the employees are entitled to salary, bonus modes according to clear regimes. Salary will be paid under actual labor market, qualifications, capabilities, roles, responsibilities, work volume at the unit and the results of employees’ work performance.
  • Beside, the company not only regularly maintains emulation movement throughout the unit, but also builds, organizes and implements the rules for awards timely and effectively. The collectives or individuals achieved outstanding achievements, regularly or irregularly, are recognized and rewarded worthily, fairly and openly.
  •  The company always strictly implements the provisions of the labor law on regimes of compulsory insurance, such as social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance. At the same time, the company often improves welfare policy for staffs under annual collective labor agreement with the level of performance equal to or higher that compared with the regulations of law.


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