KANETORA VIETNAM’s FIBC Jumbo Big bags manufacturer and supplier from Vietnam. These big FIBC Jumbo bags are broadly used to store substantial material, widely used in Construction, Agricultural, Chemicals, Cement, Food & Pharmaceutical industries, etc.

FIBC bags made of flexible fabric, and come in different ranges and varieties, shapes and size Jumbo bags are available. KANETORA VIETNAM manufacture custom Jumbo bags with respect to colour, material, size, even we can add a company logo or brand name as per customer requirement.


VIETNAM produce, manufacture, and export different type of Jumbo bags/ FIBC bags/ Big Bags to the International market, some are listed below: 

  • Circular type with cross corner
  • Upanel/4 panel bags
  • Baffle bags
  • Conical top/ bottom bags
  • Tunnels lift bags
  • Single loop bags
  • Two loop bags
  • Antistatic Bags: Type “C” & “D”
  • UN bags
  • Sift proof bags.

2.KANETORA VIETNAM Jumbo bag/ FIBC bag Manufacturing Process:

The process of manufacturing Jumbo bags can be broken down into the following.

KANETORA VIETNAM Jumbo bags/ FIBC bags/ Big Baffle Bags UNDERGOES 11 STEPS:


Jumbo bags/ FIBC bags/ Big Baffle Bags manufacturing process consists of a series of steps that apply regardless of the design.

3.KANETORA VIETNAM Jumbo Bags/ Fibc Bags/ Big Baffle Bags Usage:

  • Packaging for fertilizers, food, chemical construction, currently. A large number of industries that are using bulk bags.
  • Petrochemical and chemical product manufacturers. Food manufacturers (e.g. sugar, flour, spices, wheat, milk powder).
  • Construction-related (e.g. cement, granite, and sand). Agricultural related products (e.g. fertilizers, animal feed, and grass).
  • Industrial applications (e.g. scrap materials, copper coils, slag, and sludge waste).
  • Wood industries (e.g. firewood, lumber, planks). A Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container FIBC Bags cannot be handled manually when filled.
  • It’s intended for shipment of solid material in powder, flake, and other. Does not require further packaging.  

4.Advantages of KANETORA VIETNAM FIBC / Jumbo / Big Bags

  • FIBC bags / Jumbo bags are extremely strong.
  • FIBC bags come up with lifting loops, so it eliminates the need for pallets
  • They are simple to use and easy for transport and warehousing purpose
  • Empty bulk bags take up very little space so you can save storage or warehousing space.
  • These bags are made up of Polypropylene which is a cost-effective option.
  • FIBC comes with different hoisting structures and dimensions so it eliminates the need for further packaging or secondary packaging.
  • FIBC bags can be supplied in customized pattern as per requirement
  • You can carry hazardous chemicals as per UN recommendations in FIBC containers
  • FIBC gives you good recycling and reconditioning options so it creates eco-friendly working conditions.
  • FIBC bags are antistatic, flexible, durable and collapsible
  • With the help of FIBC bags, you can efficiently pack materials like plastic granules, flakes or any free-flowing material
  • Faster loading and unloading of materials.


We at KANETORA VIETNAM are committed to our customers to deliver high-quality custom-made Jumbo FIBC bags along with all the required assistance including after-sales support to assist our customers in all the ways to meet the end-user satisfaction. 

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