The organization structure of Kanetora Viet Nam Joint Stock Company is set up in a strategic model set by the Board of Directors with the motto “Simple Effect” Kanetora Viet Nam focuses on specialization and coherent coordination between functional centers and support departments.

The organizational structure arranged according to functions is strictly managed and operated following a rational interactive two-way information model, which allows orders from the top level to go on the shortest and clearest path to all employees, therefore all works are carried out with the right target, by the right person, with the right tasks. In addition, our professional work force and prestigious partners have created the overall power of Kanetora Viet Nam’s brand in providing optimal services to customers.

At Kanetora Viet Nam, we always believe in each of our employees. Kanetora Viet Nam always wants each member of the company to be an inseparable organic part. They want have the opportunity to grow and succeed. Along with the company’s development and success, each member will share that success, in order to create a strong – unified team to develop the Kanetora Viet Nam brand to the highest level.






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